• You can’t complete projects successfully because of discovered dangerous objects (unexploded ordnance)?
  • You are taking care of your employees’ life, health and seeking to implement projects in the safest manner?
  • You’ve discovered hazardous objects (explosives, etc.) underground?
  • Outages because of stopped construction and digging works are time consuming and cost additional expenses?

Association “Remnants of war threat prevention” was established to solve out these and similar problems. Our professional specialists (retired military engineering / EOD technicians) want to share with you more than 10 years’ experience of working in explosives ordnance disposal (EOD) scope covering Lithuania and international missions.

Contact us we promise to help You!

Our Vision

To become reliable, clients expectations justifying and innovative organization.

Our mission:

To provide professional services in sweeping, discovering and identifying hazardous materials (UXO, UXO components, etc.)

Our goals:

  • Ensure implementation of projects in the most safest manner.
  • ›Assist in saving project budget and reduce additional expenses concerning heavy machinery and personnel outage.
  • ›Take care of contractors employees life and health during construction and digging works.
  • ›Ensure contractors equipment and heavy machinery safety.
  • ›Reduce contamination of UXOs concentration and threat in LTU.
  • ›Use only innovative means and methods reaching goals and purposes.
  • ›Ensure retired explosives ordnance disposal personnel continuity of expertize and competence.

Our motto is:

We put our all efforts that the dangers of the past wouldn‘t become disasters of today.

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Asociacijos “Karo palikimo grėsmės prevencija” skrajutė (2)
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