• Railway modernization / electrification of  IX corridor (Kena – N. Vilnia section) project (client – JSC „Fima“): March-July (2016) Association specialists prepared area risks assessments, threat prevention measures and applied sweeping procedures for potentially contaminated areas. Several   UXOs form World wars were discovered, identified and marked. All discovered ammunition were successfully disposed in close cooperation with partners form Lithuanian armed forces. Project accomplished in the safest manner possible. More information (in lithuanian): http://www.gprevencija.lt/naujosios-vilnios-gelezinkelio-ix-koridoriaus-elektrifikavimo-darbu-teritorijoje-maksimalus-saugumas/
  • Regional air control center protective perimeter sweeping project (client – State enterprise “Oro navigacija”): Protective perimeter project was executed during  June – July (2015) by conducting area risk assessments and applying sweeping procedure of potentially contaminated areas. Several UXOs form 1st and 2nd World Wars were discovered. UXOs were identified, marked and in close cooperation with other institutions were successfully disposed.
  • “RAIL BALTICA” project (clients – PLLC „Kauno tiltai“, JSC “Hidrostatyba”): December 2014 – April 2015 sweeping was executed by means of discovering and eliminating hazardous object including UXOs in different project “Rail Baltica” areas. During sweeping procedure of potentially contaminated areas were discovered, identified and marked different types of UXOs. Association clients implemented earth works  successfully and in safest way possible. More information (in lithuanian): http://www.gprevencija.lt/europines-vezes-projekte-rail-baltica-atlikti-pavojingu-ruozu-patikrinimai/
  • Sirvintai district (client JSC „Ecosolit“): On August 2014 company stopped excavation works. During excavation few hazardous objects (conventional munition, UXO) were discovered. UXO were putting in danger not only equipment and heavy machinery but also employees life and safety. Association specialists swept working area and ensured project implementation in the safest possible manner. Project was implemented successfully despite unfavorable weather conditions and additional interference (concreate poles with reinforcing metal beams were dug in close to the sweeping area). No more hazardous objects were discovered after association specialists finished sweeping More information (in lithuanian): http://www.gprevencija.lt/igyvendintas-projektas-sirvintu-r/
  • “NordBalt” project (client – PLLC „Kauno tiltai“): July – August 2014. NordBalt project ground track sweeping was carried out in order to eliminate hazardous objects (UXOs) lying underground. Lots of unexploded ordnances were discovered and identified. UXOs were putting in danger not only equipment and heavy machinery but also employees life and safety. However the project was implemented on time. Adequate, timely and professional assistance to implement project successfully contributes for all of our welfare to become energetically independent.More information (in lithuanian):http://www.gprevencija.lt/naujienu-portalai-raso-apie-asociacijos-kpgp-veikla/http://www.gprevencija.lt/minos-ir-sviediniai-trukdo-tiesti-elektros-kabeli-i-svedija-lrytas-lt/
  • Moletai district (nat. person application): May 2014. Association specialists checked one square are area at Moletai district Kaliziu village. It has been guessed (by the area owner) that the area could be contaminated with unexploded ordnance left from II WW. During seven hours of UXO sweeping, objects that could hinder agriculture and security in the area has not been found. More information (article, pictures and video): http://www.lrytas.lt/-14002439891399223497-karo-sprogmenys-iki-%C5%A1iol-kelia-pavoj%C5%B3-kaip-saugotis.htm
  • Taurages district (Taurages forestry application): April 2014. In the plot of Taurages district, Pagramantis forest association specialists conducted area sweeping. The plan was to use the area for LTU interwar partisan bunkers exposure. It was predicted that the place could be contaminated with UXO left from II WW. None of those dangerous objects were discovered.
  • Vilnius International Airport (client – PLLC “Kauno tiltai”): In 2013 Association specialists conducted security perimeter sweeping procedure at Vilnius International Airport area. During the sweeping conventional explosives that were risky to human life and safety of the equipment, machinery were discovered and identified. The project was successfully implemented.
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